Will the chip be widely used in the world in the future

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Will the chip be widely used in the world in the future

Will the chip be widely used in the world in the future

Will the chip be widely used in the world in the future


Will the chip be widely used in the world in the future

2020-04-27 |

This is also useful when a person cannot or needs to go to the hospital, because reading his medical history on the chip makes it easier for the attending physician to diagnose and make the correct decision.

It is believed that many people will accept laying these chips to perform many daily tasks, such as operating the car immediately after the owner approaches the car, and only opening the door of the house to those who have programmed the chip with his key code. Scientists Robert Noyce (Robert Noyce) and Jack Klopp (Jack Klopp) invented the first electronic chip in 1958 and put it on the market in 1961.

Compared with today, the chip is strange because it contains a transmitter, a capacitor and three resistors, and today it contains more than 125 million transmitters, which is smaller than the size of a coin. Experts say that chip transactions through personal computers and smartphones are estimated to generate about $ 300 billion in annual revenue.

The chip has not been widely used worldwide, but countries such as Japan require that the chips grown in imported dogs and cats must be ISO compatible. Jordan Selburn, principal analyst at iSupply Electronics in the UK, expects chips to make everything around us.

IDC chip management expert Shin Rao said that in addition to the new communication functions that can be verified internally, these devices can also be reprogrammed, so they have become technically very advanced devices and have become super fast. There are many examples to illustrate this point: the smart stylus sold by Livescape, California is equipped with an electronic chip, a camera and a recording pen, which can help people to retrieve the said content very accurately when reading written notes.

The pen synchronizes the voice recording with the image of the text recording. If the pen refers to one of the words, the voice recorder will say all the speech as it is written. Aqua Technologies of Westminster, California also introduced a computerized bathroom base that contains electronic chips that automatically shut off the water source when water leaks or excessive water is lost.

Waynesburg has placed a coin-sized electronic chip called a Memories Medal on the cemetery. In addition to displaying photos of the deceased, it also lists the history of the deceased in audio and video in writing. Visitors can operate by directing their mobile phones connected to the Internet to it. The company said it had sold millions of them and installed them on the graves of victims who were attacked in New York City on September 11, 2001.

She provided millions of cats and dogs with an electronic chip the size of a rice grain, which included the animal owner ’s contact information to prevent him from getting lost.

A company specializing in the chip sensor industry in Sunnyvale, California, said its electronic circuit enables a doll named Verbie to communicate in seven languages, use facial expressions and synchronize human movements with their feelings. These chips are used in a doll called Amanda, which can recognize the voice of the owner, growl if the owner refuses the request, and remind the child of the date of the upcoming holiday.

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Will the chip be widely used in the world in the future